The "Dimora di Artemide - Country Lodge"


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The "Dimora di Artemide" is a refined farmhouse located in the heart of Stupinigi Park a short walk from the famous Royal "Palazzina di Caccia" (Hunting Palace).

Former home of the forest rangers, the entire house has been restructured so attentive and elengante, all rooms have been designed to ensure comfort and privacy.

The building stands in a park of about 7 000 meters after which you can see the wood of the Natural Park of Stupinigi.

Opposite the house, always, there is the nineteenth-century building, owned by the royal family, known as "La Fagianaia" building that was used for rearing pheasants.

For decades, the entire property is uninhabited but its exotic charm remains a suggestive atmosphere, giving the entire structure.




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La Dimora di Artemide
Country Lodge / Bed & Breakfast

Via Pracavallo, 3
10042 Stupinigi (Turin) - Italy

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