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What are cookies, how we use it, and how to "get rid"

1. Definition of "cookies" and similar technologies
Cookies are small text files that the visited sites send to a device (PC, smartphone, tablet, console, etc.) that allow it to operate on the site and to gather information about the user's activities online. During the navigation of a site, you can get on to their terminals even cookies that are sent to sites, web services and different providers (so-called "third party"), on which they may reside some elements (such as, for example, images , maps, sounds, links to specific pages in other domains) on the same site that are visiting. There are several types of cookies, however, the main purpose for involving the use of such technology is to make more effective the site, enable some functionality and to facilitate the navigation for the user.
"" is holder of personal data, in compliance with current regulations regarding the protection of personal data and, in particularas required by the EU e-Privacy Directive (2009/136/EC, modifying Directive 2002/58/EC), informs on the use of cookies used by this website.

 2. Purpose of the treatment and purposes of cookies technical session.
Cookies of this type are necessary for the proper functioning of some areas of the site and include both persistent cookies that session cookies. Without these cookies, the Site or portions of it may not work properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of the preferences expressed by the user, for purposes related to the execution of authentication information, monitoring sessions, the storage of specific technical information about the users who access this site. For the installation of such Cookies do not require the prior consent of the user, while it remains subject to the obligation for the data controller to provide information as they are strictly necessary for the provision of the service.

 3. Purpose of the treatment and purposes of cookies for marketing analysis.
In addition to cookies technicians, this site also uses cookies "profiling third party", aimed at creating statistics, profiles relating to the tastes, choices and inclinations expressed by the user while browsing. In this regard, the data processor shows that you can change at any time, the installation preferences of individual cookies, as well as disable the use of the browser, although this could prevent you from accessing some parts of the Site.
Each browser has specific procedures for handling cookies.
To the following are the name of the most used and popular browse, where you can search and find useful information: 

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

 Therefore, notwithstanding the freedom of choice, acknowledged to the user, as to the records managed by means of cookies, please note that, the consent to the use of such cookies is expressed by the candidate through the individual settings on your browser for navigating the site.

4. Web sites of third parties
During navigation on the site the user may receive on your terminal even cookie sites, web servers or different providers (so-called third-party cookies): this is because the site could include elements such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains that reside on servers other than the one on which you find the page you requested. In other words, these cookies are set directly by site managers, web servers or providers other than the operator of this site. In such cases, "" specifies that it is unrelated to the operation of such cookies, the shipment of which is the responsibility of such third parties. This, as also clarified by the Authority: "The obligation to inform the user about the use of cookies and possibly to acquire the prior consent looms over the site operator who uses them, as owner of the treatment. In the event that a site should also allow broadcasting cookie "third party", the information and the acquisition of consent are normally charged to the third. It is necessary for the user to be properly informed, albeit with simplified procedures provided for by law, when they access the site that allows third-party cookies from being stored, or when accessing the content provided by third parties and in any case before cookies are downloaded on to their terminals. "

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